Inshore Rescue

In 1968, Ilfracombe Round Table presented a 3-metre inflatable rubber dinghy, which over the years was used to rescue over 20 people stranded on rocks or on grounding yachts, as well as a King Charles spaniel, which ungratefully sank its teeth into the hand of its saviour! ln one notable rescue, on March 28, 1983, seven boys and three adults, some of whom were beginning to show signs of exposure, were lifted by the dinghy from rocks below cliffs at Little Hangman, Combe Martin. For this particular service, carried out at night and with a falling tide, a Letter of Thanks was received from the Director of the RNLl.

After trials in 1991, the “D" class inshore lifeboat Alex Dykes was presented by Mrs Dykes in memory of her husband.