The Deborah Brown III

Our latest D class lifeboat entered service here on the 16 December 2020, replacing the Deborah Brown II.

The D class has been the workhorse of the service for 40 years. It is small and highly manoeuvrable, making it ideal for rescues close to shore in fair to moderate conditions. It has a single outboard engine and can be righted manually by the crew following a capsize. The design of the D class has continued to evolve since its introduction. The details given are for the latest version that was introduced in 2003.

The D class can be righted manually by its crew who are fully trained in manual capsize procedures. All inshore lifeboats are fitted with inversion-proofed engines that can be restarted following a capsize.

The D class lifeboat has VHF radio and GPS.

Lifeboat Factsheet

Inshore Lifeboat
First Introduced
1963 (latest version in 2003)
3 hours at maximum speed
Maximum Speed
25 knots
Hypalon coated polyester
Launching Method
Trolley or davit